2009:  The Ailleris Year in Photos!
Welcome to the Ailleris Family Website - or at least, our annual photo update page.  Happy you could make it - hope you enjoy the show... xx Philippe Susan Luc and Emilie

April 2008
Luc shows off his kick at football!
Flower Power!
May 2009
Our Trip to Italy
Statue Cafe in Rome
Piazza Navona, and a demonstration of an Emilie mood...
Grandpop and kids in Florence
Dinner with a view in Fiesole
Bridge in Venice
Toys in Pisa
Montepulciano - Em
Montepulciano - Luc
Family in Montecino
May 2009 - Home again
 Em celebrates 4 years at her preschool
 Proud Dora celebrates at home
 Yet another 4 year celebration??  At ballet...
Luc,  Em and Dora on Em's first day of school
Em poses on her first day of school
June 2009: Em's first ballet recital!  No smiling, but otherwise great!
July 2009
USA 2009: Luc and Em enjoy sprinklers for the first time
FRANCE 2009: Baumes and it's hospice 
 and Dali's time piece at the wine cellars
Marseille: Chateau D'If 
and later Parc Bourey
With the family in the mountain chalet
August 2009
 Castelnou near Perpignan
 Castelnou near Perpignan
August 2009
Abbey near Perpignan
 Bathing beauties near Beaune (love Luc's French eyes...)
Luc dressed as a snake charmer for the school's 1001 Arabian nights party
September 2009
Luc shows off his A Diploma
Luc's Magic Evening Party
Harry Potter captured their interest...
October 2009
Luc in process of getting his B diploma
A Peter Pan Halloween
 November 2009
 St. Maarten and their lanterns, made at school
 Ready for our Sinter Klaas party
December 2009: Breakfast with Santa at the Hard Rock cafe in Amsterdam - Emilie less than pleased this year...
 Let it snow, let it snow...
let it snow!!!! 
Yesterday and Today in Holland!!

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